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ALEX STEWART CAUCASUS LTD always using group laboratories such as  ALS GLOBAL LTD former STEWART GROUP LTD in Liverpool, Rotterdam, St. Petersburg and etc. Our laboratories are accredited by reputable agencies and equipped with modern technical equipment for a wide range of products of different materials analysis concentrates and ores, manufacture of industrial products, grain, coal products, etc.
Sampling and preparation of samples for further laboratory tests are carried out in accordance with international standards and GOSTs.

  1. Sampling and sample preparation
Conducted by methods regulated by State (GOST) and international (ISO, ASTM) standards, experienced inspectors and laboratory staff conducted:
- Selection of representative samples of the consignment / material / grain.
- Sample preparation (includes crushing, abrasion to analytical fineness of the material).

  2. Laboratory studies for grain laboratory.
For cereals (wheat, barley, rye).
- The smell, color according to GOST 10967-90
- Humidity, according to GOST 13586.5-93; ISO 711; GAFTA 2:2
- Nature, according to GOST 10840-64; ISO 7971
- Weed and grain mixture, according to GOST 30483-97; EC 824; GAFTA 35:0
- Infection and its damage, according to GOST 13586.4-83; ISO 6639
- The quantity and quality of gluten, according to IDC Standard 135865.1-68; ICC 155; ISO 5531; GAFTA 34:1, GAFTA 34:2
- Protein, according to GOST 27676-88; ISO 1871
- The number of falls, according to GOST 10846-91; ISO 3093

FOR oilseeds (sunflower)
- The smell, color, according to GOST 27988-88
- Humidity, according to GOST 10853-88; ISO 665
- Weed and oil mixture, in accordance with GOST 10854-88; ISO 568

- Humidity, according to GOST 139791-68; GAFTA 2:1
- The smell, color, according to GOST 13979.4-68
- Protein, according to GOST 13496.4-9.3; GAFTA 4:0

  4. Chemical analysis
The chemical analysis of the materials included in the scope of accreditation of the laboratory:
• Ores, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, products of their enrichment, concentrates
- Iron ore, concentrate, sinter, pellets
- Manganese ore, concentrate, agglomerate
- Ores and concentrates of nonferrous metals

• Ferrous metals (steel, cast iron, ferroalloys)
- Carbon steel, stainless
- Cast Iron
- Ferrochrome
- Ferromanganese
- Ferrosilicon ferrosilicochrome, ferrosilicomanganese
- Ferrotungsten
- Ferro
- Ferrovanadium
- Ferrotitanium
- Niobium

• Non-ferrous metals and alloys
- Aluminum Primary, Secondary and aluminum alloys
- Titanium, titanium alloys
- Lead and lead alloys
- Cobalt
- Nickel alloys, nickel, ferronickel
- Copper, brass, bronze

• Ferrous and non-ferrous metals

• Fertilizers
- Nitrogen
- Phosphorus
- Potash
- Complex and mixed fertilizers, fertilizer mixtures

• Catalysts

• Solid mineral fuels
- Coal
- Coke
- Shale
- Peat

  3. Laboratory studies
Laboratory tests are carried out in accordance with Russian and international standards. Laboratoiya conduct the following research:
- Determination of moisture.
- Grading.
- Bulk density.