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Cargo Survey
- Inspection of cargo during unloading.

- Inspection of cargo overload.

- Inspection of cargo during loading (the ship, in the car, in the car, in a container).

- Talmancky account.

- Marking of cargo.

- Control of reweighing cargo.

- Pre-sale inspection of the cargo.

- Any pre-inspection of the cargo.

- Identification of the cargo.

- Assessment of the state of Georgia, with an insured event occurred.

- Invetarizatsionnaya inspection.

- Sampling.

- Inspection status of containers and tank containers.

- Exposure controls radioactive cargo.

Marine Survey
- Draft survey.

- Bunker survey.

- Inspection of the vessel at the entrance to the charter or goes out of the charter.

- Calculation of the stability of the vessel.

- Inspection watertight hatch covers.

- Inspection of damage to the ship.

- Inspection of cleanliness holds.

- Inspection to determine the condition of the vessel.

- Inspection of liquid cargo and gases.

   Laboratory studies
- We offer a wide range of laboratory work, as for metal / non-metals and minerals, and on agriculture.